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No matter how you use Paediatric-Rx software, your practice is going to be great. Everything about Paediatric-Rx software has been built purposefully by our passionate team. We are so excited to release this labor of love to our paediatricians.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our product is sold as subscription model means our business is built completely on customer satisfaction. Our job is to prove you that benefits you are getting from our services far outweigh the cost of subscription of our software.

Competitive Advantage

We offer you a product with technology expertise domain competency and end user knowledge to help to proved with next generation product that break the mold.

Convenient & Affordable

No need to setup any hardware and software in Clinics. Just be with your computer and use it. Clinics in resource-limited settings can afford them. Due to web-based system maintenance and setup cost is almost zero.

Online Paediatric Software

Paediatric Rx is dynamic and customized web-based software designed with paediatric specific requirement allowing child specialists to provide better paediatric care.

Paediatric Rx helps paediatricians to make online prescriptions, to keep accurate vaccination record of children and to send vaccination reminder, helping them to save their time and energy.

Paediatric Rx organizes patient care better, with lesser efforts thereby increasing doctor’s efficiency – allowing them to concentrate more on patients than on paperwork.


No need to setup any hardware and software in Clinics. Just be with your computer and use it.


Highly user-friendly control panel gives pleasure experience to operate and manage children data.


Clinics in resource-limited settings can afford them. Due to web-based system maintenance and setup cost is almost zero.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

  • This software is best suited for a small medical practice. It worked well for our busy primary care medical practice. It has many choices of interfaces which will satisfy any option a practitioner would need to implement electronic medical records for their practice. Most importantly their training and support is awesome!
    Auto-sms/email facility will give me very good reminder to the parents.

    Dr. Rozina Gohar Khan MBBS – MD University of Glasgow
    German Medical Care, Jleeb Al Shuyoukh, KUWAIT Dr. Rozina's Paediatric Clinic
  • I am in private practice since last 8 years. I make my prescription and practice distinguishable by giving a printed prescription and keeping patient’s data since early days of my practice. But my need and ideas of a digital interactive and feature rich software was finally fulfilled when I started using Paediatric-Rx recently.

    Its web based so no installation. Tab, Mac or Pc, even a Smartphone with an Internet access is all that is required. I have all my clinical data, drug doses, prescriptions and appointment scheduler with me all the time. It’s so user friendly that my pharmacist mastered it in an hour.

    The Paediatric-Rx team is so much supportive, I got my software customized and personalized with just an email. The sms module is uniquely helpful in sending appointment reminder and vaccine reminder. I genuinely feel Paediatric-Rx has made my practice enjoyable and hi-tech. I feel proud to see my patients’ admiration and appreciation of all those special services.

    I wish the Paediatric-Rx team a great future in their endeavor of enriching the medial practice for both doctors and patients.

    Dr. Susrut Das MBBS (Hons), DNB (Pediatrics) Specialist in Pediatric & Neonatology
    Balyashree Clinic, Bhubaneswar, Odisha Balyashree Clinic
  • Excellent software! Completely built according to the needs of a paediatrician. This software has helped me to manage my clinic in a much better way thus saving my time & efforts at a very less cost.

    The best thing about this software is it’s easy access everywhere not only at the clinic. I can manage children’s data & records at home.

    Dr. Kumar Ankur Consultant Neonatologist & Paediatrician MD (PAED), DNB (Neonatology)
    Sai Femme n Bloom Clinic, Dwarka, New Delhi Sai Femme n Bloom Clinic
  • This is highly user-friendly & cost effective software. I’m very much impressed and happy using its auto vaccination reminder facility.

    It has helped me to save my time & energy. I’m able to manage children’s vaccination data conveniently using this software. I recommend every paediatrician should have this type of software.

    Dr. S. K. Jain – M.B.B.S., M.D. (Paeds)
    Shrya Specialist Polyclinic, Dwarka, New Delhi Shrya Specialist Polyclinic
  • Online paediatric software is like your personal secretary. It is very convenient, easy to use & very simple for parents to access their children vaccination & prescription by internet.

    Auto-sms facility will give me very good reminder to the parents. Parent’s confidence will increase as I am giving online prescription. They can discuss the line of management with their friendly paediatrician anywhere in world. Every paediatrician should have this personal secretary with them.

    I thank Mr. Anil Sangwan for his efforts in developing India’s first online software for paediatrics.

    Dr. Surender Selangia M.B.B.S., M.D. (Paeds)
    Shree Hospital,Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi Shree Hospital

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