Product Overview

Easy Paediatric Practice Tool

Paediatric Rx – is highly functional web based software which makes the process of booking appointments, maintaining patient medical records and sending vaccination reminders remarkably easy for doctors and their staff. It also makes use of advanced graphic tools to show the patient data allowing doctors to quickly absorb and act upon it.

It’s reasonably priced so doctors can use it with minimal running cost.

Maintains Entire Medical Record (EMR) including personal details, medical history, prescriptions, diagnosis and vaccination schedules etc.

Generate online prescriptions. Allow the EMR’s to be printed and stored in an organized format

Allows Doctor’s to graphically view data related to child’s growth based on weight, height etc leading to quicker diagnosis of any conditions.

Provides customizable vaccine schedules and sends vaccine due date reminders through sms automatically

Prescriptions & Vaccinations

Through Paediatric-rx software doctors can prescribe medicine easily. Prescription & vaccination records of children are maintained automatically by the system.

OPD Appointments

OPD appointment facility is available in the system and automatically sms is sent to the appointee regarding his/her OPD appointment & other details.

Fitness Certificate & Growth Chart

Growth chart of children can be easily & readily seen by doctors as well as parents. Analysis of growth as per age & weight of child can be done.

Auto Vaccination Reminders

Time to time vaccination reminders are sent to parents automatically by the system giving them information regarding due vaccine date and time.

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