Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Paediatric Rx completely based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) methodology, in which application are stored on company’s servers and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet.

The benefits that the SaaS delivery model brings to you:

  • Financial Benefits – software is subscribed to and not purchased, therefore expenses are not front loaded and are made up of predictable monthly fee or an annual fee
  • Ease of Use – access application anywhere the internet is available through your web browser, It is very user friendly because of bigger customer base and just you need username/password to work on it.
  • Maintenance – software deployment and maintenance is handled by us – allowing you to focus on their work to run their clinic
  • Upgrades/Patches – you always get the latest version and security updates automatically, no need to spend time updating each of your computers
  • Centralized Data – all data is centralized into one secure datacenter instead of spread through the world on local PCs and servers
  • Uptime – server applications are hosted in a datacenter so power outages and Internet outages are isolated from incidents that affect local offices/places

Timely Support

Our support to our customers has always been timely & comprehensive. Our customers are impressed by our team’s technical support capabilities and training.

Innovative Ideas

New ideas that our team bring to this software guarantee its success and we expect that this one of the advanced paediatric software built in India.

Advanced Technology

Our advanced and matching technology is ready to help paediatrician to make a right career move. This software with latest technology has proved a best friend to paediatricians.

Clear Communication

From many comments we receive, we think that we are doing pretty good job. Our team continuously remains in touch with you and keeps alive the spirit of collaboration begins with mutual trust.

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